Aid Stations

Mileage Out - InAid Station100 Miler Cut-off Times,
all times are inbound!
(32hr Limit)
0 - 100Start & Finish Woodle Field/Sturgis woodle_field2:00 pm Sunday
5.7 - 94.3Alkali Creekalkali_creek12:30 pm Sunday
10.3 - 89.7BulldogNO CREW ACCESS
17 - 83Elk Creek
9:00 am SundayDrop Bag
22.5 - 77.5Crooked TreeNO CREW ACCESS.
29.2 - 70.8Dalton Lake
5:00 am SundayDrop Bag
36 - 64Nemo
Located in the town of Nemo, in front of the Nemo Guest Ranch.
42.5 - 57.5Pilot Knob
50Silver City
10:15 pm SaturdayDrop Bag

Drop Bags

Extra supplies may be left at check-in on Friday at the Sturgis Community Center before 5:00 PM for delivery to the drop bag sites listed above. Supplies must be in a durable bag, clearly marked with the runners bib number and the station to which it is to be delivered.  Most drop bags will be returned to the finish line by noon on Sunday.  Efforts will be made to keep the drop bags covered, but there is always the possibility that weather conditions will result in the bags getting wet, so plan and pack accordingly.

Aid Station Goodies

Pretzels – Chips/Crackers – Sandwiches – Chicken soup  – peanut butter and crackers – Cooked Salt Potatoes – Oranges – Bananas – Candy – Brownies – Cookies -Hammer Gel – Instant Oatmeal (at night)

Water – Heed (Mandarin Orange) – Coffee – De-fizzed Coke/Pepsi – Tea (iced during day & hot at night) – Lemonade – Instant Hot Chocolate

Menu is subject to change and tweaking…