Gnarly Bandit Ultra Series

For the second consecutive year, the Black Hills 100 is part of the Gnarly Bandit Ultra Series, which highlights some of the toughest ultras the upper midwest has to offer (or, the country, for that matter).

The series kicks off on April 12th with the Zumbro 100 in Zumbro Falls, MN. Next up is the Kettle Moraine 100 in La Grange, WI on June 1st followed by the Black Hills 100 on June 29th, the Superior Sawtooth 100 in Lutsen, MN on September 6th and, finally, the Wild Duluth 100K in Duluth, MN on October 19th (that’s a tentative date for Wild Duluth, all other dates are confirmed). All you have to do is complete all five races in the series to go down in history as a Gnarly Bandit. All finishers of the series will evenly split the prize money purse provided by Wilderness Athlete and will also receive some Wilderness Athlete gear for future use as official Wilderness Athlete Trail Runners.

A couple of notes….First, be aware that the Black Hills 100K is no longer counted toward the series as it was last year, only the 100M counts. The only 100K in the series for 2013 is Wild Duluth. Second, in order to be eligible for the series you must join the Upper Midwest Trail Runners (UMTR) and register for the Gnarly Bandit BEFORE the Zumbro 100. You can not decide you’re officially going for the series once the races have already started. There is no fee to enter the series (other than the $20 membership to UMTR), but you are responsible for the registration fees for each of the five events. And, remember that some of these events have entrant limits (including Black Hills), so be sure to plan ahead.

For more information and links to all 5 races in the series, check out the Gnarly Bandit web page at:

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