Gnarly Bandit Ultra Series

Just how gnarly are you?  Only one way to find out…

We’re happy to announce that the Black Hills 100M and 100K are now part of the Upper Midwest Trail Runners Gnarly Bandit Ultra Series.  The series consists of five ultras from April through October:

Zumbro 100 – April 13

Kettle Morraine 100M/100K – June 2

Black Hills 100M/100K – June 23/24

Superior Sawtooth 100 – September 7

Wild Duluth 100K – October 20

The goal is simple….in theory.  Complete all 5 events and become an official Gnarly Bandit.  The person to do so will earn themselves a cool $600 (prize pot to be split if there are multiple finishers).  Last year, exactly one person was gnarly enough, Adam Schwartz-Lowe, who was also the winner of the inaugural Black Hills 100M.

For more information on the series, check out the official Gnarly Bandit website HERE.

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