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  • 2 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    Couldn't help but notice a sudden influx of 30K and 50K registrations this morning and then realized it must be Bighorn registration day and a few of you poor souls didn't get online early enough to beat the rush. Hey, we'd rather be your second choice than not a choice at all!
    Seriously, Bighorn is a great event that we've run many times, and you should check it out sometime, but if you do you gotta be ready as soon as registration opens because that sumbitch fills up faster than a mountain lion pouncing on an ultra runner...not that that ever actually happens....or at least not often. 😉
    2 weeks ago Chris Stores
    That’s the course sweeper.
    2 weeks ago Eric Selle
    Is that the 30k or 50k mascot?
    2 weeks ago Blake Jones
    Bring it!
  • 3 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    Okay peeps, it’s the last day of 2017, which means that before you go out tonight and get your groove on, you should get yourself registered for one of the Black Hills 100 events and save yourself $25. Then again, maybe you should get a bit liquored up first...these things always seem like a better idea after a few drinks. How do you think we came up with the idea for this race??
    Whatever you do, have fun, be safe, and have a happy New Year!
    3 weeks ago Nicholas Balbach
    Jacob Crow, Joe Smoker
    3 weeks ago Karen Sackett
    I'm coming back. The trails are amazing the RD's are great..
    3 weeks ago Stacy Dittmer
    This race is beautiful. Do it!
  • 6 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    The Hardrock and Western States lotteries are done and, odds are, you lost. Or did you? Yeah, sure, we don't have the history of Western States or the mystique of Hardrock, but the Centennial trail will still give you a good, old-fashioned ass whoopin if you give it a chance. Registration is open. Cowboy up or sit in the truck!
    Black Hills 100 - June 22, 2018
    1 week ago Eric Selle
    Have you decided on finish line beverage Chris Stores? Need some more winter training motivation after being politely rejected by Leadville
    1 week ago Carlos Ibarra
    Is it to late ? Thank. You
    6 weeks ago Kathleen Gorby
    Did this last year and crewing for my husband this year!!
    6 weeks ago Madlyn Schneider
    Robin and I will be at the finish line with gauze and bandages for your feet. I don’t know how anyone can run 50 miles let alone 100.
    6 weeks ago Terry Wright Jr
    Janete Farina- da Silva
    6 weeks ago Warren Dudar
    Jeff Dudar Grant Macmillan Jayden Pfeifer a relatively close 50 miler, part of the 50/50 training plan maybe?
    6 weeks ago Todd Sherwood
    Samuel Severin
    6 weeks ago Jes Ray
    Bryant Jay Schwartz
    6 weeks ago Colton Gerhart
    I’ll be there! 😍
    6 weeks ago Dan Rose
    Highly recommend!!
  • 15 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    We get a lot of questions (mostly from city folk) about what they should do if they encounter a mountain lion during the race. There are a fair number of the big cats in the Black Hills. Lucky for you, we found this fool-proof guide on how to handle a lion encounter. The only piece of advice we'd add is: you don't have to be able to outrun the lion, you just have to be faster than the poor fool next to you. Keep that in mind as you're running down the Centennial trail in the middle of the night next June! 😆😾
    We get a lot of questions (mostly from city folk) about what they shou
    15 weeks ago Tammie Ded
    This photo was given to me by an Omaha couple. Totally amazes me that the lion just stood there.
    15 weeks ago Eric Majeres
    Lifesaving info right here - thanks BH100!!
    15 weeks ago Kevin Langton
    Josh Henning
    15 weeks ago Mike Diesburg
    Jason Neville
    15 weeks ago Alyssa Schmidt
    Annie Griffin 😂
    15 weeks ago Shelly Hess
    Will there be cowboys on the trail to rescue us 🤠
    15 weeks ago Jessica Johnson
    15 weeks ago Shari Johnson
    Ok, yep that'll work
    15 weeks ago Heather Kari
    Brad 🤣
  • 16 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    In our inaugural year (2011), local singer/songwriter Scott Simpson produced an indie album dedicated to the Black Hills 100 runners titled "No Standing". For those who haven't heard the album, here is the cover song. The album is available for purchase here.
  • 16 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    We're a bit late here, but we wanted to offer our congratulations to John Taylor and Susan Donnelly, who both completed the almost unthinkable task of finishing one hundred 100 mile races at the Superior 100 earlier this month. John is a four time Black Hills 100 finisher (tied for the most BH100 finishes by any one person) and Susan is a two time finisher. These two most definitely know how to cowboy up; no sitting in the truck for them! Congrats you two, and we hope to see you in Sturgis again!!
    Superior Fall Trail Race 100MI, 50MI & 26.2MI
  • 17 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    Returning Runner? Discount ends this Saturday.
    Timeline Photos
    16 weeks ago Eric Selle
    I signed up twice, buffalo skull or bust! Loralee Amb probably needs to register for 30k. And what about the hubby Jan Schmidt?
    17 weeks ago Blake Jones
    Already signed up and ready to win!!!
  • 18 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    You think 100 miles in the Black Hills is tough, how about 486 in the Rockies? Bryan Williams is a BH100 finisher and for the past four years has helped us design and print all of our apparel. And he's a pretty damn tough runner. Nice work, Bryan!
    Ultimate Direction
  • 20 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    The Black Hills 100 truly is a destination race. So many beautiful sites to visit. Just 60 miles to the west is Devils Tower, Wyoming. We discovered some new running trails today at Cook Lake.
    Photos from Black Hills 100's post
  • 20 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    This evening's run ended up with a spectacular view of the knife blade rock. The famous crooked tree, which is about 3 miles south of the Elk Creek aid station is just above and to the right of the rock.
    This evening's run ended up with a spectacular view of the knife blade
    20 weeks ago Ryan Wanless
    I ran by this aid station and no one was serving ham and cheese tonight. Am I that slow that they packed up and went home?
  • 20 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    So this morning, while out on a run, we ran into our mascot Buster the Buffalo. He was just waking up, so we stopped to have a chat. We informed him that next year, he would get to run the 100 mile instead of just standing around looking important. This was his reaction.
    So this morning, while out on a run, we ran into our mascot Buster the
    20 weeks ago Bob Jones
    I'm in the same posture as Buster
    20 weeks ago Gary Schoenhals
  • 21 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    REGISTRATION IS OPEN!! Just like kids at Christmas, we couldn't wait any longer. If you've run with us before, you should have received an email with a 25% discount code that is valid until Sept. 30th. Yes, we want you back in 2018! If you didn't recieve the email, shoot us an email at and we will reply with the code. The code is valid for any of the four distances, 100m, 50m, 50k, 30k.
  • 21 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    "Life is rough, so you gotta be tough." - Johnny Cash
    Every once in awhile, we sit down and have a few cold ones and come up with some absolutely spectacular ideas. Most of those ideas are either forgotten about by the next day, or common sense (aka, our significant others) takes over and convinces us that maybe that idea wasn't quite as spectacular as it seemed after all those cold ones (you can thank said significant others for the fact that the post-race meal this year wasn't Rocky Mountain oysters....but there's always next year). But, once in a blue moon, we come up with something that passes the significant other test.
    Starting in 2018 we will have an award called "The Man/Woman in Black" (or at least that's what it'll be called until we get a cease and desist letter from the Johnny Cash estate). What's that mean? Glad you asked. We now have four distances (30K, 50K, 50M and 100M). No one, as of yet, has run all four of them, although we do have one runner who is primed to do so by finishing the 30K in 2018 (Hi, Phil!). From now on, anyone who completes all four distances (yes, past finishes count) will receive a special, hand-painted buffalo skull, similar to the ones we award to the top three men and women in the 100M. And, because I know someone will ask this question (probably Phil), if you ran the 100K back in the first few years when we offered it, you will still need to run all of the other four distances that we currently offer. So, yeah, you unlucky few will actually have to run five distances. Such is life.
    Edit: We actually have FOUR runners who could complete the award next year (sorry, Chris, Holly and Barry....we probably should've researched this more first, huh?). But, Phil would be the first to do so having also completed the 100K back in the day (hey, that a Johnny Cash song). If we left anyone else out, let us know!
    "Life is rough, so you gotta be tough." - Johnny CashEvery once in a
    21 weeks ago Brian Harms
    What beverage of choice was it that nailed this one? You'll have to make more of it, Great idea!
    21 weeks ago Matthew Valentine
    What if we run all 4 courses in a weekend?
    21 weeks ago Michelle Kagey Peterson
    Dave Dilno. Mike Peterson.
    21 weeks ago Kody Riley
    Oh Shit!!!!
    21 weeks ago Phil Uecker
    Unless the trail gnomes have other ideas, I'll see y'all in Sturgis next June as the first Man in Black.
    21 weeks ago Aaron Buchanan
    YES!! Love the idea!
    21 weeks ago Blake Jones
    I frickin love this idea! Count me in. See you in June.
    21 weeks ago Gregg Mentzel
    It'll take me 2 more years to gather all 5, I have the 100K twice!
  • 21 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    Free race entry to the person who becomes the 3,000 person to like our FB page. We are at 2,985. Spread the word to your ultra friends etc...
    Free race entry to the person who becomes the 3,000 person to like our
    21 weeks ago Anna Birdy Ball
    Brew Davis
    21 weeks ago Danny Gordon
    Joshua Sun Steve Traman Jason Willits Lucas Woodley Kevin Lines Geoffrey Charles
    21 weeks ago Amber Crews
    Melinda Mel Urick, Susanne Kennedy
    21 weeks ago Anna Birdy Ball
    Lint Hikes
    21 weeks ago Crystal Lynners
    Angela Sing
    21 weeks ago Chad Brower
    Stephen Rodgers
    21 weeks ago Ryan Wanless
    Sam Bertsch
    21 weeks ago Tommy Byrne
    Can I unlike and re like a bit later 😜
    21 weeks ago Kimberly Chappelear
    Caleb Chappelear
    21 weeks ago Beth Ivesdal
    Theresa Kassie 😁
  • 23 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    This race is harder than you think it is. To be honest, the Black Hills don't look all that intimidating. They ain't the high Rockies of Colorado. There aren't any 14,000 foot peaks (hell, the high point of South Dakota is barely half that). But the Centennial Trail is RELENTLESS. If we had a dollar for every time somebody said, "That was way harder than I thought it would be", we could retire from race directing and spend the rest of our days drinking beer on a beach in Hawaii. The finish rate for the 100 typically hovers around 35-40%. Whereas much of the elevation gain at other 100s such as Leadville and Bighorn occurs in a few big climbs, the gain at Black Hills is accumulated in a bunch of small chunks. To make a boxing analogy, it’s like taking a few big uppercuts to the chin versus a bunch of body shots. Both will eventually put you on the mat if you’re not prepared.
    The race takes place the last weekend of June each year, the same weekend as Western States (yes, we did that on purpose). Trying to predict the weather in June in South Dakota is like trying to capture a unicorn. We've damn near seen it all...from 100 degrees and bone dry to pouring rain with raging creek crossings to marble-size hail. No snow yet, but it wouldn't shock us.
    Moral of the story is, come prepared. The Centennial Trail and the Black Hills are beautiful, but they will chew you up and spit you out at a moment's notice if you take them lightly.
    2018 Black Hills 100, 50m, 50k, 30k Registration.
    23 weeks ago Gia Dawn Madole
    Great race!!
    23 weeks ago David Brown
    Worth every penny and time. Beautiful race!!!!
    23 weeks ago Sheila Varns Huck
    Melissa Ford
    23 weeks ago Kelly Malzewski
    23 weeks ago Karen Sackett
    The trails are harder then you would think but I learned so much during the race what I need to work on.. Looking forward to next year and stepping up the race.. You also run a great race the aide stations are great and you work very hard to get them together..
    23 weeks ago Dakota Wagner
    Alphonse Schoeneberger😋
    23 weeks ago Julia Carrell
    Totally DNFed the 50 this year, but I learned a lot. And this race I'd go right back and tackle next year again if I had the time and money for the trip. Some day...
    23 weeks ago Kimberly Johnson Fromm
    Joy Kortan, Glenda Myers Bittner, Kelly Dee, Kelly Marshall who is doing the 50k with me next year??
    23 weeks ago Jason Rehder
    Agree 100%
    23 weeks ago Jennifer Broton
    Can't wait!
  • 26 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    Who's gettin' excited about 2018? We are!!
    21 weeks ago Lourdes Gutierrez-Kellam
    Personally, I Luv the finishers shirt 🤙🏼
    24 weeks ago Karen Sackett
    Greg Stewart you in again??
    25 weeks ago Eric Selle
    All in
    26 weeks ago Juli Jackson Shelton
    Nicholas you signing up? 😜 do it do it!
  • 26 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    Black Hills 100 2017 (30k, 50k, 50M, & 100m Near Finish). Feel free to share and tag. Photos Courtesy of Johnathan Karol.
    Black Hills 100 2017 (30k, 50k, 50M, & 100m Near Finish)
    26 weeks ago Cindy Hemphill
    Way cool
    26 weeks ago Rachee Rache
    Glad to see you still
    At it Dr. Adam Sumner
  • 26 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    2017 50 Mile first 7 miles Feel Free To tag and share-Photos courtesy of Johnathan Karol
    Black Hills 100-2017 50 Mile Beginning
    25 weeks ago Curtis Paull
    Do u just hear run Forrest the entire race in your head
  • 27 weeks ago by Black Hills 100

    Black Hills 100
    2017 Day 1 Black Hills 100 Photos are up. Feel Free to share and tag. Make sure to thank the businesses (Do business with them when you can), organizations and hard working Volunteers that made this event possible. Without them we wouldn't be able document your experience on the trail!
    Black Hills 100
    26 weeks ago Karen Sackett
    Is day two pictures going to get posted?
    27 weeks ago Katie Kokesch- Hansen
    Tim Fryer