Aid Station Menu

Aid stations will be stocked with the fairly standard assortment of foods you’d typically find at an ultra aid station.  This includes, but is not necessarily limited to: pretzels, chips, candy, assorted fruit, cookies, sandwiches (meat/cheese and PBJ), soup, potatoes, soda, and water.  Our nutrition sponsor is Hammer, so all aid stations will have a limited supply of Hammer gel and Heed.  If you rely on gels of any kind for the bulk of your calories, we strongly encourage you to bring an ample supply of your own….the aid stations will have enough to supplement you, but will not have enough to fully supply every runner.

NOTE: Mileages displayed below are approximate. Your GPS may show a bit more. It may show a bit less. It may be dead on. This is the reality of commercial-grade GPS units.  Therefore, it’s fairly useless to print exact mileages down to the 1/10th of a mile, because your watch will almost certainly say differently.  Mileages below are rounded to the nearest 1/2 mile.

100 Mile Aid Stations/Cutoff Times

Mileage (out-in) Aid Station 100M Cutoff Times-Inbound Only (34 hours) Crew Access
0-105 City Park  8:00 PM Saturday Yes
7 – 98 Alkali Creek  6:30 PM Saturday Yes
11.5 – 93.5 Bulldog  4:30 PM Saturday No
17.5 – 87.5 Elk Creek  2:30 PM Saturday Yes (Drop Bag)
24 – 81 Crooked Tree  12:30 PM Saturday No
31 – 74 Dalton Lake  10:30 AM Saturday Yes (Drop Bag)
38 – 67 Nemo  7:45 AM Saturday Yes
45 – 60 Pilot Knob  6:00 AM Saturday Yes
52.5 Silver City  3:30 AM Saturday Yes (Drop Bag)

50 Mile Aid Stations/Cutoff Times

Mileage Aid Station 50M Cutoff Times (14 hours) Crew Access
0 Silver City (Start) Yes
7.5 Pilot Knob  8:30 AM Saturday Yes
14.5 Nemo  10:15 AM Saturday Yes
21.5 Dalton Lake  12:00 PM Saturday Yes (Drop Bag)
28.5 Crooked Tree  2:00 PM Saturday No
35 Elk Creek 3:30 PM Saturday Yes (Drop Bag)
41 Bulldog  5:00 PM Saturday No
45.5 Alkali Creek 6:30 PM Saturday Yes
52.5 City Park (Finish)  8:00 PM Saturday Yes

50K Aid Stations

Mileage Aid Station Crew Access
0.5 Dalton Lake Yes
7.5 Crooked Tree No
14 Elk Creek Yes (Drop Bag)
20 Bulldog No
24.5 Alkali Creek Yes
31.5 City Park (Finish) Yes

30K Aid Stations

Mileage Aid Station
0 Runkle Road (Start)
1.5 Elk Creek
7.5 Bulldog
12 Alkali Creek
19 City Park (Finish)