Trail Work

Several ultras across the country require that participants complete a certain amount of volunteer trail work (typically 8 hours) before they can compete in the event.  At this time, the Black Hills 100 has no such requirement; however, opportunities do exist to earn some trail work hours on the Centennial Trail, which can be used to meet trail work requirements for other ultras.  If you are interested in participating in trail work activities, please contact us at .  Any and all help is greatly appreciated by both us and your fellow runners!


  1. All runners MUST check-in  prior to their race (see schedule below) so that we know you have started the race and are on the course.  If you do not check-in the morning of the race, we will assume that you did not start and will list you as a DNS.  Consequently, no one will look for you if you should become lost.
  2. Runner bib must be worn on the front and outside of whatever clothing you are wearing.  Aid station volunteers need to know your number so they can check you in.  It is the runner’s responsibility to insure that you have been checked into and out of each manned aid station.
  3. ABSOLUTELY NO LITTERING!  You will be disqualified if you, your crew or your pacers are caught littering.  We operate under permit from the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service.  In order to remain in good standing with these organizations and ensure that the race can be permitted in future years, we must respect the course and the land it covers.
  4. No aid is allowed from a moving bike/vehicle.  Crews may only provide aid to their runner at designated aid stations.  The ONLY exception to this rule is at Elk Creek. Starting in 2016, we moved the aid station from the trailhead to a location about 2/3 of a mile up the trail that is not accessible to crew vehicles.  Crews may provide aid to their runner at the Elk Creek trailhead.
  5. Any runner accepting a ride for any reason will be disqualified.
  6. Runners must follow the marked course at all times.  If you should inadvertently depart from the course, you must return to the point where you left the course and continue from there (i.e., no bushwacking and joining up with the course at a different location).
  7. Runners/crews may not stash supplies along the trail.
  8. Crew members, please remember that pets must be leashed at all times and should never be on the course.  We both have dogs, we both love dogs, but not everyone does and the easiest way to avoid any conflicts is to keep them leashed.
  9. All decisions of medical personnel or the aid station captain are final.
  10. Pacers for 100M runners may join their runner at the Silver City aid station (mile 50) or at any manned aid station beyond that point. Any runner over 60 years old may have a pacer for the whole distance. Pacers may meet their runner ONLY at crew access aid stations (or at the Elk Creek trailhead, as described above under Rule 5).  Runners are allowed one pacer at a time, but may use as many total pacers as they wish (or as logistically possible, at least). All 100M runners will receive one pacer bib in their race packet at check-in.  If you have multiple pacers, this bib must be transferred between them when they switch out.
  11. Pacers are not allowed for 30K, 50K or 50M runners unless you can provide a compelling reason that you need one.
  12. No muling. Runners must carry their own supplies and not use their pacer as a pack mule.  This ain’t Leadville.
  13. All parking signs must be followed. No parking is allowed in driveways. All parking at crew access stations must be out of traffic and must not block roads or driveways. Crews must follow directions of aid station personnel.  While parking areas are available at each trailhead/aid station, the amount of space may be limited on race day depending on runner/crew traffic. Please be cautious when driving near the trailheads.
  14. If you decide to drop from the race, make certain that proper procedures are followed: THE RUNNER OR CREW MUST NOTIFY RACE PERSONNEL AT ONCE AT THE CLOSEST AID STATION. This policy is for your safety. We want to keep track of our runners along the course.
  15. Extra supplies may be left at check-in  for delivery to the aid stations that you specify. See the list of available drop-off points. Supplies must be in a durable bag, clearly marked with the runners bib number and the station to which it is to be delivered.  Please keep the size of drop bags reasonably.  Race personnel reserve the right to leave behind any overly large or heavy drop bags.  Most drop bags will be returned to the finish line by late Saturday evening, but some may not be back until Sunday morning.  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST, STOLEN OR FORGOTTEN ARTICLES. ARRANGEMENTS MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE FOR RETURN OF ANY ITEMS NOT PICKED UP ON SUNDAY.
  16. No times will be given for completing a distance shorter than the one you were registered for.  For example, if you are entered in the 100 and drop at Silver City (mile 50), you WILL NOT be given a 50 mile finish time.  You will be considered a DNF for the 100.   It is hard  enough to keep track of everyone on the course under normal circumstances, much less when runners are not where they should be.
  17. We do not offer refunds. Under extenuating circumstances we will roll over a registration to the next year. You may switch events (e.g. 100M to 50M or 30K) if you contact us via email by the last day of online registration; however, we are unable to issue refunds for the price difference.  After online registration, you are locked into the event for which you are registered. We are at the mercy of Mother Nature.  Should some event occur, such as a wildfire, that precludes us from conducting the race, we will make an effort to accommodate entrants with free entries to the following year’s event or, potentially, partial refunds. Keep in mind that much of the registration fees are spent on race supplies well before the actual race occurs.
  18. Abuse of volunteers, both verbal and most certainly physical, will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification and, potentially, a ban from future events. Volunteers are integral to the success of this and any other ultramarathon.  If you are frustrated about something, there is a 99.9% chance that it is not the volunteers’ fault.  If you have complaints, issues, constructive criticism, tirades, rants, etc. and feel the need to vent, please do so with one of the race directors.  To steal a quote from Steve Engbrecht, RD of the Elkhorn Endurance Runs in Montana, “as ultra running race directors, we obviously enjoy abuse.”
  19. 100M participants must be age 18 or older.
  20. We really shouldn’t have to say this, but the use of performance enhancing drugs or cheating in any other fashion is forbidden and will result in disqualification and a ban from future events.  Having said that, we do not conduct PED testing.  We are on the honor system, which should damn well be good enough.  After all, you’re racing for a dead animal skull or a belt buckle or coffee mug or some such other stuff.  There isn’t a million bucks on the line here.  Keep it clean.
  21. Have fun, damn it :).


BLACK HILLS 100M/50M/50K/30K  JUNE 27-30, 2019



1:00 PM to 6:00 PM: 100 Mile Packet Pickup ~ Sturgis RV Park & Campground ~ *There will not be a formal pre-race meeting; if you have questions please ask at packet pickup.

1:00 PM to 7:00 PM: 100 Milers, please leave your drop bags at the Sturgis RV Park & Campground by 7:00 PM Thursday.



9:00 AM to 9:50 AM: 100 Mile Check-in – City Park.  You MUST check-in on race day so we know for sure you’re on the course!!!

10:00 AM: 100 Mile Start – City Park

1:00 PM to 6:00 PM: 30K/50K/50M Packet Pickup – Sturgis RV Park & Campground.  *There will not be a formal pre-race meeting; if you have questions please ask at packet pickup.

1:00 PM to 7:00 PM: 50M/50K Runners, please leave your drop bags at the Sturgis RV Park & Campground. No drop bags for 30K.



4:00 AM: 50 Mile Bus Leaves Woodle Field parking lot, adjacent to City Park.

5:00 AM to 5:50 AM: 50 Mile Check-in – Silver City Community Hall

6:00 AM: 50 Mile Start – Silver City Community Hall

6:00 AM: 50K Bus Leaves Woodle Field parking long, adjacent to City Park.

7:00 AM to 7:50 AM: 50K Check-in – Dalton Lake Road

8:00 AM: 50K Start – Dalton Lake Road

8:00 AM: 30K Bus Leaves Woodle Field parking lot, adjacent to City Park.

8:00 AM to 8:50 AM: 30K Check-in – Runkle Road (Half mile before Elk Creek trailhead)

9:00 AM: 30K Start – Runkle Road (Half mile before Elk Creek trailhead)

12:00 PM to 8:00PM: Food, beer, finish line festivities – Sturgis City Park

8:00 PM: Final Cutoff for All Events